How about an iPad Desktop?

Imagine a large iPad, perhaps 17.9 inches or larger, on your desk. I’d certainly like one! Imagine it ran all the software you needed for word processing, spreadsheets and photo editing. Imagine it was wirelessly connected to an Apple Magic Keyboard, Apple Pencil and an Apple Mouse (or Trackpad)

If Apple made an iPad desktop computer it could really impact traditional PC sales. iOS is efficient and easy to use. Printing would be wireless. Storage would be in the Cloud. Teams would have access to their work via their Macs, iPads (or iPhones) and could work anywhere and anytime.

An iOS desktop would reduce IT costs and make everyone more efficient. Microsoft already offers Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iOS and it works great. And without incurring the cost of Microsoft software Apple’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote is also great. Another viable option is Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. So there’s no shortage of apps to hold an office environment back from switching over to iOS. In fact, even image editing software is up to professional standards with amazing software from Pixelmator and Affinity Photo. There is no reason to let Adobe Photoshop’s lack of full participation in iOS prevent even the most advanced advertising agencies and graphic design studios from using iOS. In addition to Pixelmator and Affinity Photo, other apps built for artists such as Procreate and Sketchbook Pro allow creatives to reach their full artistic potential.

I use an iPad Pro 12.9” as my primary computer every day. Beyond the software mentioned above my iPad is used for taking notes (Apple Notes), scheduling (Apple Calendar), tasks and reminders (Clear Todos). Additionally, social media and reading the news works brilliantly on iOS.

I’d like to see Apple make an iOS desktop. I believe it would reduce the hassles many PC users face, increase productivity and offer additional flexibility in the workplace that would allow us to reach our greatest potential and do our best work.

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