Getting work done with Pixelmator Pro

I have been looking forward to Pixelmator Pro since its announcement back in September 2017. As an Art Director/Marketing Manager the iPad Pro 12.9” had already become a big part of the way I worked. I needed the mobility of iOS. To meet demanding deadlines it became important for me to be able to layout an advertisement or retouch a photo whenever a spark of creativity hit. The iPad Pro quickly became my ‘computer’ of choice. The iOS version of Pixelmator was so impressive I started using Pixelmator on the iMac at work. With a few nits to pic, Pixelmator replaced Photoshop on my iMac simply because I was able to move seamlessly from iMac to iPad with confidence and ease.

When Pixelmator Pro became available I decided to purchase it but the App Store determined my iMac (27” 2015 iMac) required the latest macOS. After work, I installed the update and went back to the App Store to make the purchase.

It’s been over a month and I have been using Pixelmator Pro every day. I have not opened the original Pixelmator OR Photoshop (except by accident double clicking on a file). I really enjoy Pixelmator Pro. The software is an absolute pleasure to use!

The Clone tool is great. For this image I was quickly able to add more mountains and sky to the left. I also used Adjust Colors tools to pop the colors and make the image more interesting. The whole thing took a few minutes and I was able to move on to my next project.

The Fill tools allowed me to add sky in seconds.

The Adjust Colors tool offered a cool Wave feature that allowed me to create a unique swirl effect the client loved.

Pixelmator Pro made quick work of holiday cards!

Every day I look forward to getting real work done in Pixelmator Pro. Of equal importance, I use Pixelmator iOS in conjunction with Pixelmator Pro. The interface is largely the same and offers a consistency unlike any other photo manipulation app.

Pixelmator Pro and Pixelmator iOS have become my ‘go to’ apps because they allow me to get my work done more efficiently than ever before. The interface is a pleasure and easy to explore. Everything moves fluidly and I feel like I’m working with state-of-the-art image editing software. As it is, it’s amazing. But I know the Pixelmator team will continue to delight as they further develop what I believe will soon become the premier image editing app for macOS and iOS.

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