Why Color Correct Photos in Pixelmator?

I’ve really been enjoying Pixelmator Pro this past year and have been able to completely replace Photoshop in my workflow. Here’s an example where Pixelmator Pro’s new colorizing features were put to good use allowing me to satisfy a client quickly.

A client required a flyer for an electricity program they were promoting. I found what I thought was the perfect stock photo. When they saw the photo (the yellow one), their immediate reaction was that they did not like the color. I completely understood – that’s a lot of yellow. But they did feel the photo accurately represented what their program was about.

Pixelmator Pro offers many ways to alter colors. Clicking on Adjust Colors offers a plethora of options beautifully organized to the right side of your work. Slide levers for Hue & Saturation typically get you started then the Color Balance wheels allow seemingly unlimited adjustment. Once you’re close Selective Color really allows for fine tuning and then adding some ‘punch’ with the Saturation and Brightness levers. Lightness controls allow altering, among other things, Exposure, Highlights and Shadows – allowing you to take a dark photo and brighten it up while bringing out details. It’s all very impressive and easy to use. Additionally, I was able to add another layer to build a dark gradient up from the lower left corner so the logo was more visible. With Pixelmator Pro you can be as subtle or extreme with color as you wish. Changing the yellow color to red was quick and easy – and the client approved the new photo.

All three flyers were designed using Pixelmator Pro (as was the new logo) and all were color corrected to create beautiful, perfect images. Additionally, adding more blue sky in the Electric Vehicle slick was easily achieved as was adding more black background around the Natural Gas flame with Pixelmator’s photo retouching tools. In fact, I did not have to use any other program to get this job done.

Once again, I’d like to thank the Pixelmator team for making me look good. Excellent software!

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