iPad Pro – An important device for creatives!

I purchased an iPad Pro the day after it became available. At first I resisted, wanting to wait a few weeks, hoping to read reviews confirming it’s a solid device and a good deal. It’s been nearly a year since the iPad Pro’s introduction on September 9, 2015 and I can honestly say, it’s the best device I’ve ever owned.

In my role as an Art Director and Marketing Manager, my career is all about creativity. My specialty is Design and SEO. I have the pleasure of helping companies redesign and reimagine their marketing strategies and materials including, websites, brochures, videos, product slicks, signage and logos (among other things) helping them look the best they can. I help organizations compete and ultimately defeat their competition. The iPad Pro allows me to perform my best.

As a creative, I’ve put my heart and soul into my work. Late nights are common, ideas occur in the shower, and weekends are often spent working out ideas for the following week. Often, the results are immeasurable but the impact can be palpable. For example, the latest website I redesigned appears as an expense from an Accounting perspective, but Sales has been able to close more opportunities than the years prior to the redesign. There’s an intangible process that occurs in the mind of the customer, a feeling, a push to work with one company over another. I help persuade customers with visual design and search engine placement.

How does the iPad Pro excel? The device is simply metal and glass but it has a soul. Why? Because the talented people developing Apps are also putting their heart and soul into their work. Apple has created a device that simply works as a conduit. The iPad Pro is a reliable and beautiful device. It’s a platform for App developers to express themselves. In turn, creatives, like me, use these Apps to create their work. The process starts with the device, continues with the Apps and culminates into the effective Marketing and Advertising we see all around us.

With the iPad Pro, I have an amazing device that allows me to do so much. For example, scribbling out an idea in Bamboo Paper, taking notes in Notability, composing layouts in Adobe Comp, retouching in Adobe Fix and Mix, mind mapping a new website with SimpleMind, illustrating in Sketchbook Pro, keeping organized with Wunderlist, reading Stephen King with iBooks, and writing this post in iAWriter. Everything is backed up in iCloud (for peace of mind) and Google Drive (so I can retrieve documents anytime, anywhere). In addition, my calendar is always handy, music is always playing, news is always available and, of course, Facebook!

If you are a creative professional, I can’t recommend the iPad Pro enough.

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